Reading Room: Recommended for Residents

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These are the must-read plans and guides that are recommended reading for every Royal Oak resident.

  • Strategic Plan: Three-year strategic goals of the City Commission
  • Sustainability & Climate Action Plan: Strategic framework for measuring, planning, and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and related climatic impacts
  • Aging-in-Place Plan: Framework for actions to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding older adult population 
  • Master Plan: Planning policy guide designed to create a vision of what the city wants to look like in the future
  • Adopted Budget:  Summary of policies and program directions that are funded in departmental budgets
  • Recreation Master Plan: Approved plan ensures our community's eligibility  to apply for funding through the Grants Section of the DNR. 
  • Welcome Guide: From when the city commission meets to finding your voting precinct, this guide contains info that every resident should know
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