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Throwing a Block Party in Royal Oak: What You Need to Know

Thinking of hosting a block party with your neighbors? Here's a list of things to think about.

Select a date well in advance. You'll need time to plan and fill out a block party permit with the Royal Oak Police.

Define your boundaries. Decide where the party limits are and who to invite. You'll need this information to fill out the block party permit.

Download the Block Party Request Form.

Talk to your neighbors. The block party permit requires you to speak to every neighbor within the limits of your block party boundaries to find out if they approve of or oppose the event.

Obey the law. No outdoor fires, fireworks or other activities deemed illegal by Royal Oak City Ordinance or State of Michigan Statute will be permitted.

Check out entertainment. The Royal Oak Public Library offers a variety of food service items, games and outdoor activities that can be borrowed using your library card. Check out the Library of Things.

Have FUN! That's always important!

Clean up. When the party has finished, return your neighborhood to a state of tidiness that meets or exceeds the way it was before the party started.

Questions? Call 248-246-3200.