5.15 - Library Vehicle Usage Policy

  1. The Royal Oak Public Library leases a passenger vehicle from the Department of Public Services for use in the daily operations of the library.
  2. Vehicle Use
    1. Any vehicle owned or leased by the Library may be used by authorized drivers and for official library business only. Official business includes purchasing library materials and supplies, the transport of library materials and property between library facilities and program locations, the transport of library personnel (employees, board members) to library related conferences, workshops, and seminars, and the delivery of library materials to residents living in Royal Oak. The Library Director will be responsible for scheduling vehicle usage.
    2. A trip log will be maintained for each library vehicle.
    3. The Library Director will maintain a key log. All vehicle keys will be distributed by and returned to the Library Director.
  3. Vehicle Operators
    1. Operators of any vehicle owned or leased by the Royal Oak Public Library must be current library employees and must have a valid, current motor vehicle operator license from the State of Michigan in their possession while operating a library vehicle. A photocopy of the employee’s license will be placed in their employee file. Employees authorized to operate library vehicles must report any change in the status of their license, such as restrictions or suspensions, to the Library Director immediately.
  4. Vehicle Operation
    All vehicle operators must:
    1. Operate the vehicle in a safe, courteous, and efficient manner.
    2. Wear a seat belt and ensure that each passenger wears a seat belt.
    3. Observe all federal, state, and local laws and regulations and posted speed limits. Employees who violate any laws or regulations are personally responsible for the payment of any fines or other penalties, including parking violations.
    4. Keep the library vehicle clean.
    5. Lock the vehicle when unattended.
    6. Report any vehicle damage or theft to the Library Director.
  5. Refueling and Maintenance
    1. Refueling will be done at the Department of Public Services fueling station.
    2. The Department of Public Services will be responsible for maintaining any library owned or leased vehicle in a safe and sound working condition through regularly scheduled internal maintenance and external repair when necessary.
  6. Accident Reporting
    1. Any accident involving a library owned vehicle must be reported immediately to the local police. After an accident is reported to the police, it must then be reported to the Library Director. 
  7. Penalties
    1. Failure to comply with the Library Vehicle Usage Policy may be cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Adopted: 04/27/21; revised 08/23/22; revised 06/27/23.