Grasscycling or Mulching

Let those grass clippings fall where they may!  Does composting sound like too much work? What about bagging clippings each time you mow? Grasscycling may be the solution for you.
Letting the grass clippings simply stay on the lawn has proven beneficial in several ways:
  • Protects the environment
  • Reduces the need for fertilizer
  • Saves you money
  • Saves you time and effort
The most common myth about grass cycling is that clippings cause thatch. Clippings are 85% water and therefore break down quite easily into your lawn. Thatch is the remains of the woody portions of the grass plants and is often the result of over-fertilizing and excessive watering.

Choosing a Lawnmower

It is possible that the mower you now own may be used for mulching, if you're unsure please take to a local dealer to make sure. If the machine is not properly designed, hazards could arise such as flying sticks and stones that could seriously injure you and those around you.

A mulching blade or an adapter kit may be available for your mower at a reasonable cost (under $60 dollars). Mulching blades differ from regular blades by the longer cutting edge, a feature which allows it to "cut and re-cut" the grass blades and then redirect the clippings to the lawn, rather than to the bag.