Tips for Shoveling Driveways

Clear Area for Plows

After a snow emergency, the city often receives calls from residents about the plows leaving behind snow that blocks driveways. We know it can be frustrating. 

Our drivers are sensitive to the work residents do to dig out. However, our plows are BIG and cannot articulate where the snow load on the blade will land. We have more than 200 miles of roadways, and the snow has to go somewhere!

There are tips to avoid having the trucks leave behind a significant amount of snow that blocks your driveway.

  • Stand in the street and look at your drive. The snow in the area to the right of your driveway is likely the snow that will be displaced when the plow goes past.
  • When you shovel, make sure you pile snow to the left side of your drive. If you stack the snow on the right, the plow blade will only have a place to empty snow once it gets to your driveway. We don't want that!
  • You can also clear the snow on the roadway approximately 10 feet to the right of your driveway so the plow  blade is empty as it goes past.

Several videos on YouTube demonstrate this concept; check them out!