No Mow May

Join the buzz!

The Royal Oak City Commission voted in May 2022 and again in 2023 to support NO MOW MAY. The NO MOW MAY movement’s goal is to allow grass  (and dandelions) to grow to help pollinators with habitats and increase the number of bees! 

Reducing mowing also saves water and helps your lawn resist draught. Learn more at

The commission was encouraged by the Bee Tweens — a group of nine middle schoolers who live in Royal Oak and are passionate about protecting the environment and taking action to help our pollinators. They have been working since the summer of 2021 to educate Royal Oak residents and decision-makers about the benefits of pollinators and how they can help. 

What You Need to Know

  • The decision not to mow your lawn is voluntary.
  • Residents who participate will not receive notices from code enforcement for the month of May only.
  • If you choose to participate, can pick up a sign for your lawn at City Hall. The signs will be available for $5. (The signs are weather resilient and can be used year after year.)

The Bee Tweens are sponsored by the  Environmental Advisory Board (EAB). One of the goals of the EAB is to communicate great initiatives born from the EAB such as the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (S-CAP). the Royal Oak Community Garden and the Bee Tweens.