Recreational (Adult-Use) Marihuana Establishment Application Process


The window for submitting applications for recreational marihuana establishment licenses is now closed. The City of Royal Oak is no longer accepting applications for marihuana establishment licenses.

UPDATE: February 3, 2021 

Recreational Marihuana Establishment (RME) License Application Review Process:

The City of Royal Oak has received 37 applications for RME licenses, as follows:

  • 31 Retail businesses
  • 3 Microbusinesses
  • 3 Growers

The City Clerk is conducting the initial review for completeness of each application and supporting documentation. By ordinance, this must occur within a reasonable time. The Clerk will notify each applicant if their application is deficient in any way and will afford an opportunity to supplement the application with any information or documentation that is missing.

The city will post another update when the initial review process has been completed for all applications. Given the number of applications, this process will take some time. The Clerk will notify each applicant whether their application is accepted for further review.

City staff will not answer questions about individual applications or the status of the process. We appreciate your interest and your patience.

Application Process Timeline

The City of Royal Oak will be accepting applications for recreational marihuana establishment licenses from December 7, 2020 - February 1, 2021. Once that window closes, the city will evaluate all applications for awarding licenses. If there are more applications than licenses available for each type of marihuana establishment, the city will conduct its evaluation of applications on a competitive basis.


An applicant must pay a $500 document review fee at the time of application. Once an applicant is awarded a municipal license slot, the applicant must pay an additional $4,500 application fee.

Marihuana Policy Documents

Application Checklists

The online application form does not allow an applicant to save progress. We suggest you review the Part I and Part II checklists (below) to be sure you have all required documentation in digital format and ready to upload before you begin the application submission process.

Check list