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1. If the city is only responsible for 1.4% of the GHG, how will you mandate residential and commercial property owners to meet the goal of zero by 2050?
2. Can the composting that is available for the municipal buildings be offered to Royal Oak businesses?
3. I would want to make sure we consider the implications on housing affordability because many of the goals are noble but if we create perfect houses that 5% of the population can afford is that really
4. Considering how much commercials emissions contributed to the overall emissions inventory, how are businesses being involved in this planning?
5. What exactly are the commitments for the focus groups?
6. How do we plan to balance our goals with the economics (cost) to the city’s residents?
7. Will you be contacting us with focus group assignments?
8. Where and how often will the focus workgroups meet?
9. How do I get a bigger recycling toter for residential use?
10. So will there be updated iterations of the sustainability plan as technologies change?