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1. I have a question for the planning division regarding my application? Who can I contact?
2. Can I apply in-person, or, is online submission mandatory?
3. Do I need to pay any fees at the time of application?
4. Are fees refundable?
5. When will applications be available?
6. If I am the first person to apply, am I guaranteed a license?
7. What are the parking requirements for marihuana businesses? What if the property does not have enough parking on-site? Does street parking count?
8. I am having difficulty purchasing insurance pursuant to the requirements outlined in the application and ordinance, what should I submit?
9. Are there any spacing requirements for marihuana facilities?
10. What if my site is within another marihuana facility's 1000 buffer?
11. How do you measure 1000 feet between churches and other marihuana facilities?
12. Can a marihuana facility get a waiver from the Board of Zoning Appeals so the 1,000 foot radial requirement can be reduced?
13. Do I need to own the building at the time I apply?
14. Will the information in my application be public?
15. Where can I find the basic zoning requirements for a marihuana facility?
16. Where can I find submission requirements and a checklist?
17. What clearances are needed and will the City conduct a background check on an applicant for a recreational marihuana establishment license?