When will the eligibility list I am on expire?
For this information, you may contact the Human Resources Department at: 248-246-3070.

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1. What is an eligibility list?
2. I have successfully completed the civil service examination, when will I get a job?
3. How long will my name stay on the eligibility list?
4. When will the eligibility list I am on expire?
5. Once I have taken a civil service exam, does this mean I will not have to/be able to take another civil service exam while the list is active?
6. Can anybody on a certified eligibility list be hired?
7. How does the department determine whom to hire?
8. I took a test several months ago and got my score. Where am I on the eligibility list now?
9. What does it mean when a position is filled through open competition?
10. I applied several months ago or had an interview, but have not heard anything since, how do I find out about my status?