Is there assistance for my water bill?

The United Way for Southeastern Michigan is the program administrator for Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) in Oakland County.  All residents seeking WRAP services in an Oakland County community should apply through United Way. 


Below is a quick snapshot of WRAP:


  • Bill Credits - The recently launched WRAP Income Based Plan (IBP) provides bill credits that are unique to each household and are based on annual household income and annual water and sewer bill amount. Households are expected to pay the remaining portion of their bill.
  • Arrearage Assistance - Eligible households that have a past due balance are eligible to receive up to $1,200 in arrearage assistance upon enrollment. Additionally, households may be eligible to receive an additional amount up to $1,200 in year two of WRAP.
  • Conservation Measures - Enrolled households are eligible to receive up to $2,000 in conservations measures, such as a home water audit, minor plumbing repairs, and educational information regarding water usage. With an emphasis on creating a healthy home, households can receive repairs on leaking or nonfunctioning plumbing and other water fixtures to create a safe and livable home. 
  • Other Benefits - Case management empowers WRAP service delivery partners (United Way) to work directly with households in reviewing their progress in making payments. Service delivery partners can also provide the household with access to additional wraparound services.


United Way for Southeastern Michigan – WRAP Services in Oakland County:

Online Application:

Phone: 248-983-5656

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