Back-In Parking

Parking on Washington Ave. has transitioned to back-in parking so that the new system can read a vehicle’s license plate number. The spaces are also wider making it easier for motorists to park. Additionally, back-in parking provides motorists with a better vision of bicyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles as drivers exit a parking space and enter the roadway.  Visitors MUST back into spaces designated as such or risk being ticketed for improper parking. 

For more information on back-in parking, including tips and instructional videos, please visit

We also encourage you to park in one of Downtown Royal Oak's parking garages - they are clean, spacious, and well-lit. When parking in a garage, your first two hours are FREE, and then just 75 cents per hour in the City’s 4 public parking structures, which are located at Center and Second, 11 Mile Road east of Main,  Lafayette north of Fourth, and Lafayette and Sixth. 

And you can always park in a surface lot or in any number of traditional on-street parking spaces located throughout the downtown area. 

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