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Jan 11

Memories of Fogler Farm

Posted on January 11, 2021 at 7:20 PM by Judy Davids

Adeline Victoria Fogler
Adeline Victoria FoglerAdeline Victoria Fogler Schroff, 1902 - 1992

I no longer live in Royal Oak but I grew up on Laurel Street in a house built by my great grandfather Peter Fogler. The photo shown below is of the family farmhouse o Lincoln between Campbell and Stephenson, which still stands today.

This photo, which was given to me by her, is in the Royal Oak Historical Museum inaccurately identified as the Schroff Family Farm. My grandmother was Adeline Fogler Schroff (shown above) who was the youngest child in this photo and the owner of the Laurel Street house. Her father, Peter Fogler farmed in Royal Oak until Henry Ford opened the Highland Park Ford assembly line.

The demand for housing was so great he stopped farming and built homes in south Royal Oak. Peter was so successful he gave my Grandmother the Laurel Street house when she married along with another home for a rental property and vacant land somewhere between Lincoln and what is now I696 service drive. He wanted her to have a roof over her head, some kind of income and someplace to grow food, which they did during the Depression.

Peter Fogler was a first generation American, the son of Marcellus & Katherine Fogler, German immigrants. He arrived in the US in 1845 and settled in RO sometime around 1860. Their graves and the graves of many of their children are in the St Mary’s Cemetery in Royal Oak.

Debbie Glassford Ristau

Family Farmhouse


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