Right of Way Permits

A Right of Way Permit must be obtained prior to any work done in the public right-of-way.  This can include, but is not limited to:
  • new houses or major reconstruction
  • making any removal, repair or replacement of public right-of-way pavement
  • installing utility services or performing utility repairs
  • traffic control
  • oversized load transport
  • blocking any portion of the right-of-way (for purposes including construction, dumpsters and roll-off containers, moving and storage containers, scaffolding and cranes or lifts)
  • pull-off parking installation
  • underground installations
  • any other work in the right-of-way or within an easement in accordance with City Ordinances.

Construction must meet the City of Royal Oak Standard Specifications for Construction.

All Right-of-Way Permits require a completed application, detailed site plan and proper insurances. Acceptable site plan requirements and other permit requirements can be found in the instructions. Performance guarantees, permit fees and inspection rates are listed on the fee schedule.

Useful Documents