Tree & Overgrowth Concerns

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City Tree Evaluation

All city trees are evaluated by 1 of 2 city certified arborists.  Please call the Department of Public Service at (248) 246-3300 to have a work order generated for tree(s) on city property to be evaluated for trimming and/or removal.  Once the tree(s) is removed the contractor will be back to grind the stump (this could take several months). After stumping the City will come out to remove the excess chips but it is the residents responsibility to seed or sod. The City's contractor for tree trimming, removal and stumping is J.H. Hart.

Dutch Elm Disease Tree

The Parks & Forestry division surveys the city yearly for trees with Dutch Elm Disease (both on city and private property by ordinance) for possible removal. Unfortunately, the cost of Dutch Elm disease tree(s) removal on private property are the homeowners responsibility.

Mowing City Property

The Parks & Forestry division is on a continuous cycle of mowing and maintaining all city parks/city owned property/etc. during warm months.

Private Property Complaints

Several departments within the public service division cleans private lots once Code Enforcement issues a work order.  If you would like to make a complaint regarding private property issues please call (248) 246-3238 with the address to file a complaint - this may be done anonymously.