3.30 - Code of Conduct

The mission of the Royal Oak Public Library is to be an informational, intellectual, cultural and recreational resource for all people; to inspire the spirit, educate the mind, and be a center of community pride. The Royal Oak Public Library is thereby a limited public forum. The Royal Oak Public Library Board has authority to establish and enforce reasonable regulations for the benefit of patrons of the library, in keeping with its mission. In observance of its mission and to make library property and services available to everyone on a safe and equitable basis, to ensure the ability of staff members to conduct library business and to safeguard library property against misuse or abuse, the following rules for behavior in and around the library facility are established by the Royal Oak Public Library Board of Trustees.

All bags and other articles are subject to inspection by library and other authorized personnel.
A.  For Public Safety and Security, the Royal Oak Public Library prohibits:
  1. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances;
  2. Improper use or abuse of library materials or equipment;
  3. Stealing, vandalizing or removing library materials without checking them out;
  4. Engaging in sexual acts or behaviors or indecent exposure;
  5. Harassment, intimidation or threat of any person by word or act;
  6. Fighting or provoking fighting or engaging in any act of violence;
  7. Unlawful possession of a weapon.
Persons who violate the above rules for safety and security are subject to the withholding of library privileges as follows:
  • First violation: library privileges are suspended for six months, police will be called if necessary;
  • Second violation: library privileges are suspended for a minimum of one year; police will be called immediately;
B.  To ensure proper use of library facilities the Royal Oak Public Library prohibits:
  1. sleeping;
  2. loitering;
  3. smoking on the premises or within 25 feet of public entrances;
  4. eating or drinking except within the confines of a library approved function or in specifically designated areas, covered beverage containers are acceptable;
  5. behavior that unreasonably annoys or disturbs another person;
  6. loud or boisterous conduct inappropriate to the library location;
  7. entering non-public areas without permission;
  8. entering or remaining without a shirt or shoes;
  9. placing feet on furniture;
  10. soliciting staff or patrons;
  11. bringing animals into building with the exception of service animals;
  12. misuse of the restrooms;
  13. profane, obscene, injurious or abusive language;
  14. remaining in building after closing hours;
  15. throwing anything, spitting or leaving debris or waste anywhere except designated waste receptacles;
  16. bodily hygiene or odor so offensive as to constitute a nuisance;
  17. violation of the library internet policy; meeting room policy; and/or facilities policy;
  18. use of skateboards, rollerblades, wheeled footwear or skates or scooters on library premises;
  19. bedrolls, blankets, large duffle bags, suitcases or large plastic bags in the library; 
  20. more than two bags of any type; 
  21. unattended personal property unrelated to library purposes;
  22. talking on cell phones except in the lobby, in the vestibule by the community bulletin board, in the area near the Eleven Mile Road emergency exit door, and in the youth area near the emergency exit at the west end of the building.
Persons who violate the above rules are subject to the withholding of library privileges as follows:
  • First violation: library privileges suspended for rest of day;
  • Second violation: library privileges suspended for one month;
  • Subsequent violation: library privileges suspended for one year;
For all violations:
  1. Police will be called if the library believes a crime has been committed; 
  2. Police will be called when a violator refuses to comply with library rules;
  3. Police will be called if violator refuses to show identification;
  4. Violators may be photographed by library security cameras;
  5. A violator will have his/her library card blocked during any suspension in excess of one day.
Right to Appeal and Appeals Process
The right to appeal is based on the right to due process of law guaranteed in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the right of access to public libraries guaranteed to all citizens in the Michigan Constitution (Art. VIII, Sec. 9).

  1. If the library has an address on record or the suspended patron provides an address, the Library Director shall provide written notice to any individual whose library privileges have been suspended within five (5) business days of the date of the violation. If the library does not have an address on record and the patron refuses or fails to provide an address, verbal notice on the day of the violation shall be sufficient notice of the suspension.  
  2. An individual who wishes to appeal a suspension must do so in writing to the Library Board within 10 days of the postmark of the director’s letter or the date of the verbal notice if no letter is sent. The notification of appeal must state the grounds upon which the appeal is based. 
  3. Upon receiving a request for an appeal, the Board shall hold a hearing to consider the appeal. The Board may consider the appeal at a regularly scheduled board meeting or at a special board meeting, at the earliest opportunity, called for the purpose of a hearing.
  4. The Board President will ensure the appellant receives reasonable notice of the hearing.
  5. Prior to the hearing the Board will be provided copies of the appellant’s letter appealing the decision and requesting a hearing. The Board and appellant will also receive copies of the Library Director’s letter giving notice of the suspension which describes the offense. Supporting information gathered in the administration’s investigation shall be made available to the Board, including but not limited to all incident and police reports completed by library staff, witnesses and the director. The Board shall have access to library records necessary to make an informed decision on the appeal. Any document that is considered a library record (as defined in the Michigan Library Privacy Act) shall remain confidential and shall not be disclosed unless in compliance with the Michigan Library Privacy Act.
  6. The appellant must have the opportunity to attend any scheduled hearing personally or may make a written statement in support of his or her position. If the appellant does not attend the hearing, the written statement must be received before the time set for the hearing.   
  7. The appellant shall have the opportunity to present his/her claim for rejecting the Library Director’s decision. The Board may ask questions in order to bring to light all the facts and issues involved.  
  8. The Board may affirm or reject the decision to suspend library privileges. 
  9. The decision of the Board is final.
  10. In no case shall the filing of an appeal pursuant to this policy act as a stay of the suspension imposed unless the Library Director makes a specific finding that the suspension would result in manifest injustice under the total circumstances.
Adopted by the Royal Oak Public Library Board on January 10, 1995; effective July 1, 1995. Revised June 27, 1995; December 14, 1999; July 18, 2000; August 27, 2002; July 27, 2004; August 22, 2006; October 24, 2006; February 27, 2007; May 27, 2008; September 23, 2008; May 25, 2010; reaffirmed May 24, 2011; revised May 27, 2014, revised May 24, 2016; revised 4/24/2018.