Sherman Drive Landscaping

Project Name: CAP1837 - 2018 CDBG Sherman Drive Landscaping Improvements

The project will take place this summer along N. Sherman Drive from 11 Mile Road to Forestdale Road. The project is funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant Program.

The project includes planting of several new trees in the greenbelt between the sidewalk and the roadway along N. Sherman Drive. The project also includes planting of pachysandra ground-cover in the public right-of-way along properties with rear-yards facing N. Sherman Drive.

Click the images below to enlarge and see the planned locations for trees and plantings.

Forestdale to Josephine

1. Sherman - Forestdale to Josephine

Josephine to 1125

2. Sherman - Josephine to 1125

1031 to Maxwell

3. Sherman - 1031 to Maxwell

Oakland to Laurel Court

5. Sherman - Oakland to Laurel Ct

Maxwell to Maple

4. Sherman - Maxwell to Maple

Laurel Court to 11 Mile Road

6. Sherman - Laurel Ct. to 11 Mile