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The Royal Oak Public Library's Preschool Information Night will be held on Monday, February 1, 2016, from 7:00 - 8:30 pm at Northwood Elementary School in Royal Oak. If the schools are closed on February 1 due to inclement weather, a "rain date" for the event will be held on Monday, February 8. This event provides an opportunity for parents to talk to representatives and gather information about preschools and child care facilities.

The ELF Browser provides added security for parents and a safe way for children to navigate their online environment. This new feature is available on all ten computers in the Youth department and can be downloaded and installed on your personal computer.

Download ELF Browser

  • scheduled library visits for your preschool, class, scout, or homeschool group.
  • assistance in gathering materials for your lesson planning.
  • extended borrowing privileges for Royal Oak School District teachers.

Royal Oak Teachers

Teachers, administrative staff and other professional staff in the Royal Oak School District may register for borrowing privileges at the Royal Oak Public Library whether or not they live in Royal Oak. These extended privileges do not extend to Student Teachers.

Materials may be kept for longer than the usual loan periods if they are being used for curricular or classroom development. The current extended loan periods are as follows:

Material Extended Loan Period Usual Loan Period # Renewals Allowed
Adult/YA/Juvenile Books 9 Weeks 3 Weeks 0
Magazines 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1

All other material loan periods and renewal limits are the same as those for all Royal Oak Public Library resident patrons. All usual fines, rental fees and materials replacement fees will also apply.

Download Borrowing Privileges Form

Chapter Books

Picture Books