Enjoy these books to plan a delicious Thanksgiving Day feast and remember the history and meaning of this popular American holiday.

On Veteran’s Day, our thoughts turn to the men and women who have served our country. Many novelists have captured the power of war. From the rewards and horrors of the battlefield to war’s lingering impact on soldiers and their families, there is no shortage of vivid tales. Take time to explore the library’s many titles depicting the often wrenching experiences of our nation’s heroes.

The recent death of Dr. Oliver Sacks reminds us of the importance of trying to understand the workings of the human mind. In recent years there have been numerous books about the complex workings of the brain, how it can recover from disease and how it helps make us who we are. Please check out the library’s titles on what scientists and others have learned about the brain.

American foodie culture is hot. Chefs – both professional and amateur – compete on TV shows; the local food movement keeps growing; stories about how food shapes our lives are popular; memoirs of talented chefs fascinate; and, of course, the perpetual search for great American and international dishes abounds. Take some time out to sample some of the many culinary titles owned by the library.

As the United States moves to normalize relations with Cuba, enjoy some novels written about Cuban life and Cuban-Americans. Recent additions to the library's collection include the novel A Corner of the World by Mylene Fernandez-Pintado, a contemporary love story set in Havana that has characters asking, "Do I stay or do I go?" Also, the library has added the Cuban science fiction classic A Legend of the Future by Agustin de Rojas, and another title by Cuban author Leonard Padura – his 2009 novel The Man Who Loved Dogs. Enjoy the following list of titles.