Adopted 3/14/78; revised 1/27/98; revised 12/14/99; revised 3/23/04; reviewed 9/25/2007; reaffirmed 10/28/2008; rewritten and approved 1/28/14; reaffirmed 12/3/14

The Royal Oak Public Library is dependent on the trust of its community to successfully achieve its mission. Therefore, it is crucial that all Board members conduct business on behalf of the Royal Oak Public Library with the highest level of integrity avoiding any impropriety or the appearance of impropriety.

Guiding Principles

Royal Oak Public Library Policies


To preserve and uphold the Royal Oak Public Library’s reputation as an organization of unimpeachable integrity, each Board member shall fully comply with this policy during their tenure with the Royal Oak Public Library. At the start of each calendar year, or at the first meeting following a Library Board member’s appointment, he or she shall sign a copy of this policy, to be maintained on file with the Library Director, to signify that the Board member understands its terms and agrees to uphold its Guiding Principles.