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Comets: Ice-Cold Messengers from Deep Space! Ages 7 - 107

Tuesday, November 12
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Friends Auditorium


Comet ISON will be in our skies shortly, and it has the potential to be the "comet of a lifetime"! Making its first swing into the inner Solar System since forming billions of years ago, this sun-grazing ice ball will be closest to the Earth (and at its best viewing) in November. Learn how to see Comet ISON, and how these weird bodies are fundamental to understanding the birth of the Earth! Presented by NASA Educator and Planetary Astronomer Michael Foerster. Limit 100.

Call the youth reference desk at 248-246-3725 for more information. Sponsored by the Friends of the Royal Oak Public Library.

68 of 100 places available.
50 of 50 places available on the waitlist.

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